The Protective Archangel
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Eduardo Mayén imagined that St. Michael was born into a family

which built its wealth through the ruthless exploitation of black slaves

in Maryland and intervened in the emancipation of slaves in the

United States.

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Love is the most important thing in the world”

Eduardo Mayén

Eduardo Mayén

"I just love the story, very fluid, allow you to build landscapes in the mind which is what you're looking for when reading. I was caught by the reading, thanks for the 1st. Chapter... The fiction is very close to reality, the divine is really part of the greatness of God ........."

Architect, Ivan M.

Guatemala City.

“Your book has an adventurous spirit, which invites us to think that is worth dreaming! And enjoy it at once!”

Architect, Ronaldo T.

Guatemala City.

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